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Bikes & Beers and Wine Trail Rides: Explore The Tastes of Our Region By Bike

With April almost over and the arrival of May just days away, we here at WindsorEats are excited about more than just the nice weather settling it. May also brings to us the beginning of our cycle tour season with our Wine Trail Rides and Bikes & Beers cycling tours! So dust off your bike…


Month of May Brings Back Beer and Wine Tours With WindsorEats

Bikes and Beers is back! Once again, in partnership with The Beer Store’s Returns for Leukemia, WindsorEats will be hosting our Bikes & Beers Cycling Tour on May 26, 2012, where we’ll be visiting Motor Burger, Walkerville Brewery, Rino’s Kitchen and take in sites of cultural significance in Windsor, as well as taste beers from…


A Sneak Peak At What To Expect From the New Walkerville Brewery [PHOTOS]

If you haven’t heard yet, a team of owners have banded together and are in the midst of reopening the old Walkerville Brewery, which last produced beer about 5 years ago. Yesterday I was given the pleasure of a tour with brewmaster Brad Wright. When the brewery reopens, which it is expected to in late April or…