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Eat, Drink, Love at The Grove Brew House This Valentine’s

Eat. Drink. Love. Heck, maybe even repeat. It’s a simple formula The Grove Brew House is offering up for Valentine’s Day.


7 Dishes That Will Keep You Warm During The Deep Chill This Weekend

Winter is finally arriving in Windsor, Ontario, this weekend. To keep your body and soul warm, we recommend you try these 7 dishes from Winter Bites.


Get Your Hands On These 5 Dishes From The Grove’s Winter Bites Menu

The Kingsville, Ontario, brewery is offering not just an $28 dinner menu for 2019 Winter Bites Restaurant Week, they’re also serving up an $18 all-day menu.


Wet Your Whistle With These 6 Locally Made Lagers in Windsor

Windsor, Ontario just may be the best place in Canada to get a lager with several local breweries winning provincial and national awards for their lagers.