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Honey Badger Bistro Featuring Montreal Burger This Week

This week, Honey Badger Bistro is offering a new featured burger: The Montreal Burger. This bad boy is made up of a half pound  of chuck blanketed by Montreal smoked…


Must-Try Burgers of Windsor-Essex

Everybody loves a good burger! There are so many hamburgers offered on menus throughout the city, WindsorEats thought we’d help you decide which ones to try by pinpointing some of…


A Look Into Honey Badger Bistro [PHOTOS]

This past week, we finally had the opportunity to check out Honey Badger Bistro. I had to give their signature burger, The Honey Badger, a try. It’s a hand packed…


Honey Badger Bistro Opens Today in Olde Riverside

Honey Badger might not care, but he’s about to serve some great food. We’re excited to welcome Honey Badger Bistro to WindsorEats as they have officially opened their doors today in…