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5 Cocktails You Need To Try At The 2019 Whiskytown Festival

The 2019 Whiskytown Festival takes place this Saturday. Here are 5 cocktails that are being served at the festival you really need to try.


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The hot heat of a Windsor summer requires the perfect local drinks to cool you off and refresh yourself. Here are four you need to try this week.


3 Cocktail You Need To Sip On From F&B’s New Summer Cocktail Menu

Here are 3 new creations that we think you need to get your lips on to refresh yourself with from the new summer cocktail menu from F&B.


You Need To Try This 5 Year Cask Aged Rum Mojito at the Mill St. Market

We’ve concocted the perfect, refreshing drink for you to beat the heat while enjoying the Mill. St. Night Market in Leamington, Ontario.