Food, drinks, motorcycles and music. Owner Ted Dimoglou is a Rock and Roll Sushi Star.

Wrapped around his favourite things, the 30 seat restaurant creates a fun, casual and welcoming atmosphere with it’s original art and decor; and a killer soundtrack to back it all up.

The food menu offers a wide range of dishes featuring unique fusion-style sushi and seafood, bringing together influences from Japanese and Mediterranean cuisine and beyond. The menu’s main feature is a Seafood Tower; a stacked serving of eight seafood dishes including Smoked Fish Dip, Whitefish Caviar, Clams Casino and Snow Crab Leg Cluster among others. The menu also offers signature sushi rolls, a seafood chowder and vegetarian options.

The drink menu has six original craft cocktails created by Amanda Curti. Served in classic tiki glassware, these big, boozy drinks pay homage to the restaurant’s name and add to the casual and fun atmosphere for which the establishment has become known.

Ted Dimoglou, chef and owner of Tiki Sushi, is a Red Seal certified chef with over 22 years of experience working with seafood and sushi. While being influenced by Japanese and Asian cuisine, Chef Ted loves to use Mediterranean and Spanish ingredients in a novel way to create something unique and adventurous.

When Ted’s not in the restaurant you can often find him riding his motorcycle in search of new fishing spots throughout the region and beyond. He was featured in the second season of Chopped Canada, where you can get a glimpse of his culinary expertise and distinctive personality.