We serve sandwiches with fresh roasted meats with real cheese, fresh cut fries on breads from a local bakery with no preservatives.

The concept is to offer what you ordered. For example you ordered a ham and cheese, we give you that. All of our sandwiches have 6 oz of meat and real cheese. We don’t have to fill you up by adding a salad bar to your sandwich like a certain chain restaurant does. We roast the meats ourselves to ensure quality.

All meats come from a local butcher. Produce comes from a local merchant as well. We cut our own potatoes for your fries and use sea salt. It tastes better. Meats are free of preservatives and additives. There is no need for them.

We keep it simple with offerings of mayo, Dijon mustard, prepared mustard and garlic aioli as condiments. Our burgers are hand packed and made within minutes of service.