Spoon Ramen Restaurant has been rated as the ‘Top 3 Japanese Restaurant’ in Windsor by “ThreeBestRated” with our customers evaluated us as The best Ramen and Japanese dishes in Windsor !

Our featured cuisine is our popular ramen, a basic soup is made by fresh vegetables and pork bones which we boil ten hours every day! Each week, our restaurant goes through hundreds of pounds of pork bones to produce this signature silky smooth broth. Seven different varieties of ramen are on offer, with the signature dish being the ‘Tonkotsu Ramen with black garlic oil’ and ‘Japanese Inferno Remen’. Meanwhile, we still offer various Japanese traditional cuisines; for example, ‘Japanese Beef tataki’ and ‘Japanese Fried Chicken’. We are confidently that we will offer you enjoy the most popular traditional delicious Japanese dishes in Windsor!

Spoon Ramen Restaurant offers you the most fresh ingredients, the most comfortable environment, the kindest service and the most reasonable price!

Whether you are all by yourself or on a date or night out with friends, our Restaurant is one of the best places to be at. We truly looking forward to your coming.