30 Days of Local Wine

Aged in stainless steel and French oak, 2010 Erie Shore Vineyard VQA Cabernet is a lovely dry red wine, rich, with dark fruit, currant, berry and good tannic structure. A vintage Essex County red year.

Witha  sugar code of (0), this wine will match great with grilled or roast red meats, game birds, chicken, turkey, vegetables, pizza and tomato based pasta’s, cheeses including hard and blue cheese.

It is best served at 15 – 18 degrees C (60-65 F).

The summer of 2010 was an absolute scorcher and this usually means the grapes reach their full ripeness and creates an early harvest.

“I have been waiting with anticipation to see how the 2010 red wines will be”, said Gary Killops of the Essex Wine Review. “Visually the wine is showing deep concentration in the glass. The nose offers ripe fruit notes which are to be expected from this vintage. Ripe, but not hot climate raisin ripe notes, despite the long hot summer Essex County is still a cool climate wine region.”

Killops was very pleased with Erie Shore Vineyard winemaker, Harvey Hollingshead, stating that he has “done a terrific job at achieving balance in this wine. Ripe cherry fruits on the nose and palate. Nice structured with good palate weight, medium to full body.”