Just a reminder to everyone who is coming out today on our Wine Trail Ride:

  • Meeting Point. We will be meeting at Colchester Ridge Estate Winery (108 County Road 50 East, Harrow) at 12:30pm and departing promptly at 1pm.
  • Bring a bike! Very important component of a bike ride. All participants must bring their own bike to the meeting point at the designated time. The route consists of a combination of road way and gravel trails. It is important that you check your bike (tire pressure, etc) before you come out on the ride.
  • Helmet. Safety is always at the forefront of anything we do, so please ensure that you bring a helmet with you.
  • Stay hydrated. Yes, we are going on a wine tour but for the rides in between stops you will need to stay hydrated. Bring a bottle of water to keep on hand while you ride.
  • Snacks. The rides normally last between 4-5 hours before we reach our final destination for a great local meal. We suggest bringing a small snack (i.e. trail mix, granola bar) to munch on along the way.
  • Dress appropriately. Take a quick peek at the weather before heading out to ensure you’re wearing something suitable for the type of weather expected. It looks like it’s going to be cool and sunny tomorrow. We recommend bringing sunscreen.
  • Buying Wine. If you are interested in purchasing bottles of wine at the vineyards we visit, no worries! Our support vehicle will pick up the purchases and bring them to you at our last stop.
  • Have fun! We are pretty excited about these rides and are getting a great response from everyone. We encourage everyone to come out, join us and have a great time!