Well there was no shortage of sun and heat this weekend at Festival Epicure. It was a great weekend and it looked as though they had record crowds.

Despite feeling like I was melting on Sunday, I did manage to try out a few items from a couple of the vendors.

Since Teka wasn’t there this year I couldn’t indulge in their spicy, salty squid (which I would eat on an hourly basis). I’m not sure why I obsess about seafood at this festival but I do and I accept it for what it is…obsessive compulsive behaviour.

Mezzo had a grilled salmon with a mango pepper salsa and a black bean basmati rice that almost made me forget all about that delicious, spicy cephalopod!

Lotus had grilled shrimp skewers marinated in balsamic served on a bed of salad with grilled asparagus. They also had a wrap that was filled with grilled chicken, mixed vegetables and this kick-ass espresso and bourbon bbq sauce. Kudos to Mike Barlozzari and all the chefs at Epicure for slaving over a hot BBQ in the heat all weekend!

A nice little collage of the good times at Festival Epicure 2007.

It was a fantastic weekend and we definitely had fun. And I have to give a shout out to our new friends Hector Silveira and the boys from the Cuban Orchestra! They were phenomenal! And of course, the ever classy Mark Fleming who MC’d the event.

Thanks to everyone who stopped by the WindsorEats booth! I love meeting people who use the site and it was great to know you’re out there!

And a HUGE thank you to our volunteers Jillian, Kaitlyn, Anthony, Mike, Eric, Stacey and Kristen!

Stay tuned as we draw the name for the Nintendo Wii and post the winner on the site!