Get on your bikes and ride!

Get on your bikes and ride!

Friday Night Lights is a free night time bike ride and are a sight to see and an experience to be a part of. Riders light up their bikes and we ride to 3 local establishments in Windsor.

To make sure you and those around you have the best experience, we’ve put together this short list of guidelines or “rules of the road”:


Check Your Bike Before You Arrive. Make sure your bike is in good working order before you arrive. Check for low air, oil on the chain, etc. We will not have guides available to pump tires, give tune ups. Your bike, your responsibility. If your bike breaks down during the ride we will try to help you as best as we can but we cannot compromise the safety of the group.

NO ALCOHOL OR ILLEGAL SUBSTANCES. It’s legal to drink inside the establishments we visit. It’s illegal to “pre-drink” or “tailgate” in the park and during the ride. Don’t do it.

Intoxication. We will not tolerate highly intoxicated riders. It compromises the safety of the other riders. If you are too intoxicated to drive, then you are too intoxicated to ride a bike. While it’s ok to have a beverage or to, this is not a free-for-all.

Corkers – Listen to them. Corkers help ensure the safety of riders. Please listen to them and be courteous to them. They are here to keep us safe.

Corkers Lead. There will always be Corkers at the front of the group who are making sure everyone is safe and on the route. Do not ride in front of them.

Stay Right. Always stay on the right side of the road. It is very important to leave a lane open for our Corkers to navigate easily up and down the route. And NEVER cross the yellow line into oncoming traffic, even if there are no cars.

We Encourage Helmets. We always encourage bicycle safety and the use of a helmet.

Communicate. Shout out signals, stops, turns, let riders know you’re passing on the left, point out glass or potholes.

Stay Together. If you see a gap forming, ride a little faster to keep the group together.

Don’t Litter. Do we really need to explain this? It’s just not acceptable.

Be Safe. It is up to you to ride in a manner that ensures your safety and the safety of those around you.

Be Courteous. Respect the ride and those around you.

Bring Cash. We bring a lot of people to these businesses in one short, quick burst. Using cash helps reduce the amount of wait time to order any beverages or food.

For more information on Friday Night Lights, be sure to follow WindsorEats on Facebook for updates on the latest ride.