Saturday was World Nutella Day and each year I celebrate by making a dessert made with the oh so good chocolate-hazelnut spread.  This year, I scoured the web and found this recipe for chocolate cookies sandwiched together with Nutella. 

My assistants,  Emily and Evan, were very excited about the idea of having Nutella with their cookies.  Baking with a 3 year old and 4 year old is always interesting.  Between ensuring that they weren’t breaking the eggs they were “babysitting”, telling Evan repeatedly that “no it’s not time to eat the cookies yet, we haven’t even mixed the dough yet” and soothing Emily after she actually did break the egg and had yolk all over her, the chair and the floor….well let’s just say that it’s a miracle the cookies got done. 

Nevertheless, they turned out great!  Even if you think about opting out of using the Nutella, the cookies were delicious on their own.  Or smother ice cream between them….oh the possibilities are endless! 

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